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Halloween Event

Oct 27, 2017

Hello , voyagers!
Halloween is coming , and we’ve prepared some game and event for you . We are informing you that on October 27, 2017 , in the meantime 07:00 till 11:00 (Server time) , we plan scheduled Halloween patch installing works and there will be a downtimes in services during the updates. 
During the Halloween event (from 27.10 to 3.11) , there is a Halloween task:
Need the Professional Level is over 150,
1.       Task name : Halloween publicity ;
Task reward :Gold Nugget Fragment*150,General Manual*150;
2.       Task name : Riley's trouble;
Task reward :Mazu's Tears*20,Garnet Fragment*600;
3.       Task name : Halloween Charm;
Task reward :Snake Stone Fragment*300,General Manual*200;
4.       Task name : Begging Lehman;
Task reward :Snake Stone Fragment*400,Modification Stone*50;
5.       Task name : Collecting materials;
Task reward :Garnet Fragment*600,Modification Stone*50;
6.       Task name : Lost pearl ;
Task reward :Modification Stone*80,Guardian Fragments*2;
7.       Task name : Lack of Candies;
Task reward :Gold Nugget Fragment*200,Guardian Fragments*2;
8.       Task name : Chocolate candy(1);
Task reward :Proof of Battle (Grade 5)*50,Guardian Fragments*2;
9.       Task name : Chocolate candy(2);
Task reward :General Manual*300,Guardian Fragments*2;
10.   Task name : Go to the Halloween party;
Task reward :Mazu's Tears*30,Guardian Fragments*2;
Halloween event (From 12:00am to 1:00pm on Oct 31st);
During the event, there will a huge pumpkin head in the Seville Suburb, picking up the Pumpkins chest by attacking it, open the Pumpkins chest and you may receive the Halloween Character set. Open the Halloween Character set, you may receive one character of 'Wan’ ‘Sheng’ ‘Jie’ ‘Kuai’ ‘Le’ (means Happy Halloween). You can exchange the Pumpkin Mike Whistle by gathering all five characters "Wan""Sheng""Jie""Kuai""Le".