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Strife of Europe(Beta)

Aug 19, 2016



A player must have at least 500,000 Land Battle Points and Lv 10 Rank to qualify for the event. Example: If a player has 750,000 Land Battle Points but his/her Rank is below Lv 10, he/she will not qualify for the event.


How to Participate?

1. Players who fulfill the event requirements will receive an invitation.

2. Players can choose to participate or exit the event by tapping the relevant option in the invitation window.

3. When the registration period ends, players who have yet joined the event will be deemed as disqualified.

4. Players will not get another chance to register for the event after the registration period.  



Preparation Stage?

1. Players’ status will be anonymous once they enter the battle scene. Players will not be able to post messages on any channel throughout the entire course of the event.

2. Players are free to navigate around the battle scene. Players will be able to see all other participating players. Players are not able to battle one another at this point.

3. At any point of time, players can tap the Quit button in the battle scene to leave. Players who do so will not be able to return to the battle scene for that day’s event.  

4. When the registration ends, the system will assign players to either the Red or Blue Team based on their Land Battle Points.




1st Stage?

1. Once the teams are formed, the battle will start.

2. Each team will have 200 points. When a player is killed, 1 point will be deducted from his/her team.

3. There are 4 revival spots in this stage. Every 30 seconds, fallen players will be revived at the nearest revival spot.

4. This stage lasts 30 minutes. The first team to reach 0 point loses the battle.

5. At the end of the battle, if the points of both teams are higher than 0, the team with higher points will be the winner. If the points of both teams are the same, the winner will be picked by random.

6. The losing team will be kicked from the battle scene and will not be allowed to enter it for the rest of the day.

7. Players of the losing team may each collect 30 Incitants Gift Bag (Bound) from the Warehouse Manager.


2nd Stage?

1. The winning team of the 1st Stage will remain in the battle scene. Players’ names will change back to their default color.

2. Players will receive points by defeating opponents:

           Points Awarded = (Consecutive Kills + 1) *5

           1st Consecutive Kill = 10 Points ((1 + 1) *5)

           2nd Consecutive Kill = 15 Points ((2 + 1) *5)

          3rd Consecutive Kill = 20 Points ((3 + 1) *5)

           4th Consecutive Kill = 25 Points ((4 + 1) *5)

           5th Consecutive Kill = 30 Points ((5 + 1) *5)

           6th Consecutive Kill = 35 Points ((6 + 1) *5)

           This increment will continue until the 20th consecutive kill.

           From the 21st consecutive kill onward, there will be no further increment of points. Henceforth, the awarded points for consecutive kill will be fixed at 5.

3. The icon above players’ character will change as players’ consecutive kills increase. This icon will disappear when the character dies.

4. Players will receive additional points for defeating opponents with consecutive kills:

           Points Awarded = Opponent’s Consecutive Kills *10 

           Opponent with 2 Consecutive Kills = 20 Points (2*10) 

           Opponent with 3 Consecutive Kills = 30 Points (3*10)

           Opponent with 4 Consecutive Kills = 40 Points (4*10)

           Opponent with 5 Consecutive Kills = 50 Points (5*10)

           Opponent with 6 Consecutive Kills = 60 Points (6*10)

           This increment will continue until the 20th consecutive kill.

           The awarded points from the 21st consecutive kill onward will be fixed at 200.

5. Players will be able to view the list of top 5 ranking players at this stage.

6. Fallen characters will revive after 30 seconds. After revival, the player will receive attribute boost (Attack +500, Damage Bonus +100) for 3 seconds.

7. This stage lasts 30 minutes. Players’ rankings will be determined by the no. of points they own at the end of the battle.

8. Below is the list of rankings and the corresponding rewards. Players may collect the rewards at the Warehouse Manager. 


Honor Gift Bag*100


Honor Gift Bag*80


Honor Gift Bag*65

4th – 10th

Honor Gift Bag*50

11th – 30th

Honor Gift Bag*40

30th onwards

Incitants Gift Bag*40