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Gold Credit Giveaway(June 13th - June 15th)(New Item Released)

Jun 12, 2014

Revamped VIP Benefits: http://vc.igg.com/news/5016/Revamped_VIP_Benefits!_A_new_surprise_every_month!.html

Gold Credit (Unbound),you can exchange it with Gold Credit Exchanger(60,92) in Seville City.
Gold Faith Update Card  (bound),the NPC is in Tripoli Port(-49.5 -129.5).
Gold Coral (bound),you can exchange it with old Jack   (54,97) for the Tarnished Gold Chest in Seville City.
Tarnished Gold Chest may contain either one of the following items :Exact Apparatus,Farrell's Broken XXXX,Farrell's Ruined XXX,Farrell's Restored XXXX Blueprint,Lucky Stone, Schmitz's Broken XXX,Schmitz's Restored XXX Blueprint,Schmitz's Tarnished XXX and so on.

Event Details
At any time during the event, if you exchange IGG Points for VC Points or directly purchase VC Points, you will get Gold Credits equaling 10% of the number of points you have bought. For example, if you have bought 1000 VC points you will get 100 gold credits. But if you get 1009 VC points, you will also get 100 gold credits.

There's MORE!

Points Charged Rewards  
1,000-2,999 40 Moonstone Fragment
7 Seal of Heaven
1 Inquisitor's Blade
1 Golden Coral and
10 Proof of Honor
3,000-4,999 120 Moonstone Fragment
12 Seal of Heaven
25 Rainbow Crystal
1 Gold Faith Update Card
1 Golden Coral and
22 Proof of Honor
5,000- 7,999 180 Moonstone Fragment
20 Seal of Heaven
85 Rainbow Crystal
2 Gold Faith Update Card
2 Golden Coral
45 Proof of Honor and
2 Consortia Habor War Battle Award
8,000-9,999 200 Moonstone Fragment
20 Seal of Heaven
95 Rainbow Crystal
2 Gold Faith Update Card
2 Golden Coral
50 Proof of Honor and
5 Consortia Habor War Battle Award

Player Choice -
Thor Cannon*1000
or 1 Hydra Head-Whirlpool
or 1 Hydra Head-Huge Rock
or 1 Fashion Mogul Charm
or 1 Wave
or 1 Ripple
or 1 Hollowness (Overlord's)
or 1 Sylvan Brambles (Permanent)
or 1 Giant Horn
(choose one)

10,000-14,999 420 Moonstone Fragment
25 Seal of Heaven
3 Golden Coral
3 Gold Faith Update Card
28 Eye of Storm
80 Proof of Honor and
8 Consortia Habor War Battle Award

Player Choice -
(NEW)Sword of Thousand Roars
or Spirit's Regret
or Permanent Cannon Gem Enhancement Tool(Level 1)
or 1 Hydra Head-Scorching Fire
or 1 Ptolemy's Satellite (Permanent)
or 1 Hadley's Octant (Permanent)
or 1 Business Tycoon Charm
or 1 Zilant Totem(permanent)
or 1 Cursed Huge Immortal Head
or 1 Permanent Gem Process Machine (Level 2)
or Thor Cannon*1400
or Any Part of Fallen Suit(choose one)

15,000-19,999 630 Moonstone Fragment
45 Seal of Heaven
4 Golden Coral
4 Gold Faith Update Card
30 Eye of Storm
30 Conch Pearl 
120 Proof of Honor and
12 Consortia Habor War Battle Award
Player Choice -
Quick Repair Device
or Tide(Permanent)
or Hellraiser(Overlord's)
or Hydra's Huge Immortal Head
or Micanzo's Thorn
or Horn of Raymist
or Michael's Muster or Ward of Lafayerte  (Michael's Muster and Ward of Lafayerte can only be obtained through an exchange with a GM using a Ptolemy's Satellite (Permanent) or Hadley's Octant (Permanent) or Micanzo's Thorn
or Horn of Raymist. All Holes and Stones in the equipment will be transferred onto the new equipment after the trade. )
or 1 Permanent Gem Process Machine (Level 3)
or 1 Billow (Permanent)
or 1 Shadowsong (Permanent)
(choose one)
20,000 or more 820 Moonstone Fragment
60 Seal of Heaven
6 Golden Coral
1*Rank Name Modifier
6 Gold Faith Update Card
40 Eye of Storm
40 Conch Pearl
180 Proof of Honor and
18 Consortia Habor War Battle Award
Player Choice -
Quick Heal Device
or Any Part of inquisitor's Suit
or Permanent Cannon Gem Enhancement Tool(Level 2)
or Dragon Scale Charm( can only be obtained through an exchange with a GM using 2000 Gold Credit)
(choose one)

Note: The above is calculated based on the total amount of Points purchased during the event period. Each account is only During the event, make an according purchase of Points to qualify for the above rewards

The VIP player can contact us to exchange the Inquisitor's Blade for Inquisitor's cassock or crown or pearl.
IGG reserves the right to final interpretation of all rules, as well as the right to amend or remove any and all rules, restrictions 
without prior notice.

limited to ONE such reward above, so be sure to consider carefully before making the purchase!

Event Duration:
1:01am, June 13th to 11:59pm, June 15th EDT(GMT-4)

Please note that all rewards will be charged into your account on June 17th.

After you have chosen your "Choose One" reward, contact us to get it!

VC Service Center : http://service.igg.com/questions/index.php

Rewards for Gold Credit events (All rewards in the list are final):

                  Dragon Scale Charm


Billow (Permanent): Increases your Cannon Hit Accuracy by 30 and your teammembers Cannon Hit Accuracy by 10 after use.
Shadowsong (Permanent): Increases your ship's Dodge Rating by 30 and your teammembers ship's Dodge by 10 after use.