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The event of scene

May 8, 2014

Event I:

    The discovery of the New World has brought countless adventurers to its shores. In the process of discovery, hostilities have taken place. To allow their adventurers to pursue their quests for God, Gold and Glory, the nations have declared that all hostilities in the New World be no longer seen as crimes. 

Event Description: During the time of this event, any PVP events you participate in between New Amsterdam outskirts and Jamestown outskirts will not earn you any Dishonor. 

Event Time: 5:00am May 13th-3:00 am May 20th EDT(GMT-4)

Event II:

The PVP rule of Sanctum of Memories is NO-PVP Rule

Event Time: 5:00am May 13th-3:00 am May 20th EDT(GMT-4)

Event III:Secret Searoutes(Beta)

We do not know how this secret route was discovered by the Pirate, but they have done it and found a direct route between the Suez and Alexander ! Luckily, we now have found the coordinates of this route.
The opening of this route will be a source of great ease as well as danger! Any Alliance that controls this route will have its hands on the source of wealth itself!

Route coordinates: Alexander Offshore(-818,283),Suez Offshore(116,-578)
Event Time: 5:00am May 13th-3:00 am May 20th EDT(GMT-4)

Note: Alexander Offshore and Suez Offshore are in a PVP state.
          This searoute is so secret, you have to press the Alt key to discover it!
IGG reserves the final interpretation and right of this event.