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Hot Sale Promotion ( May 15th - 16th)

May 8, 2014

Mall items can always make your game exploration a bit easier. For this reason, this promotion will offer you a chance to stock up the most useful items at an amazing discounted price. The following items will be on sale for a limited time onlOy! So many sales, and so little time, so act fast!

Event duration: 0:01am May 15th to 11:59pm May 16th EDT(GMT-4)

Item Price Amount
Seal of Heaven 4 500
Double Experience Scroll 7 100
Triple Experience Scroll 8 100
Fourfold Experience Scroll 10 100
Huge Rock Essence(Perfect) 32 200
Shadow-escaping Essence(Perfect)
35 200
Blazing Flame Essence(Perfect) 35 200
Witch's Eye Essence(Perfect) 35 200
Moonstone 60 100
Telance Combat Helmet 120 100
Telance Combat Armor 120 100
Olihakan Crystal 120 100
Smelting Stone 180 200
Tiger the General Whistle 250 5
Speed Vampire 500 10
White Rabbit's Dress
1200 10
Expert Unbinding Tool 1220 10
Sea Ranger 2299 5
Note:To better suit the need of players from varying areas, the VC team will refresh the stock of some better sellers at 9:00pm May 15th EDT(GMT-4).

Some of the Item need u contact Live Support to get it.

Click here to grab one NOW!

VC Service Center : http://service.sns.us.browsergame.com/tickets.php?gid=5