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James Cook and Da Gama Nexus is Coming

May 23, 2007

Dear Players,

VCO Team has decided to adjust servers at 14:00-19:00 on May 8: James Cook will merge with Da Gama into a new server named Da Gama & James Cook.

After the merger, if multiple characters have the same character name across different servers, we will add “Cook_” in front of the names from James Cook consistently. And if the relevant players are unsatisfied with the new name, they are allowed to submit application to GM for changing name after the merger (The collision of character name and guild name would have only one chance to change the name).

If there are more than 2 characters in James Cook and Da Gama, the system will keep only the 2 most-often-playing characters automatically according to the playing time. Thus, in order to avoid any data lost, please delete some non-often-playing characters and leave only 2 characters in James Cook and Da Gama.

Besides, after the merger, the guilds from James Cook will become non-occupy guilds and those previous occupants will be given 2 billion silver coins as the compensation for your guild fund and the guilds from Da Gama will keep their occupancy; and if these guilds occupy the former city again, the former commerce degree and industrail degree will be recovered.

Thanks for your support and cooperation.