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The bug in new patch(4.24 UPDATED)

Feb 6, 2014

About the new edition: we are greatly disappointed that we have discovered the Bugs below, but they are in the process of being fixed. Since this page is in the process of being updated should you encounter any problems in the new edition feel free to search for answers on this page.

 1.Mechanical Mines cannot be used at the moment.
 2.Some item descriptions are problematic.
   a.The attribute limits of Tough Iron Steel(Perfect), Tough Iron Steel Plate(Perfect) Tough Handle(Perfect) and Tough Iron Steel Line(Perfect) have increased .Errors in item descriptions.   

New Refining Attribute Cap for Weapon ,Helm and Armor
Attack 505
Defense 755
Accuracy 405
Dodge 305

   b.Expert-level Faith Fusion ability the 4th option now confer chances to reduce target's Moving Speed, Defense and Attack upon equipped.the instruction is missing.
    c.Possession of the Great blessed pellet, Blessed pill,Small Blessed pellet and Blessed pellets will not prevent you from dropping your goods. Errors in item descriptions.
   d.The functions of Jewelry Essences do not change. Blazing Flame Essence increases your attack,Huge Rock Essence increases your defense,Witch's Eye Essence increases your hit rate,Shadow-escaping Essence increased your dodge,Energy-collecting Essence increases your HP. Errors in item descriptions.

  e.The  requirement of the rank of the new equipment.

Equipment Honr Rank
Schmitz's Saber 7
Primera's Long Blade 9
Thomas' Blade 9
Farrell's Rapier 9
Davis' Shieladblade 11
Harris' Blade 11
Schmitz's Fire Gun 7
Primera's Long Rifle 9
Thomas' Detonator Gun 9
Farrell's Musket 9
Davis' Harquebus 11
Harris' Repeating Rifle 11
Schmitz's Command Sword 7
Primera's Claymore 9
Thomas'Gigantic Sword 9
Farrell's Military Officer Sword 9
Davis' Broad-bladed Sword 11
Harris' Giant Sword 11
Schmitz's Battle Axe 7
Primera's Broad Axe 9
Thomas' Double Edge Axe 9
Farrell's Giant Capchet 9
Davis' Giant Axe 11
Harris' Double Axe 11
Schmitz's Restored Sabre 5
Schmitz's Restored Fire Gun 5
Schmitz's Restored Command Sword 5
Schmitz's Restored Battle Axe 5
Farrell's Restored Rapier 7
Farrell's Restored Musket 7
Farrell's Restored Military Officer Sword 7
Farrell's Restored Giant Capchet 7
Boris' Veil 9
Primera's War Cap 9
Schmitz's Combat Helmet 9
Angelina's Veil 11
Davis's Heavy Helmet 11
Farrell's War Cap 11
Schmitz's Battle Robe 9
Primera' Loricae 9
Thomas' Light Armor 9
Farrell's Battle Robe 11
Davis's Heavy Armor 11
Harris' Assault Chestplate 11
Schmitz's Restored Battle Robe 5
Schmitz's Restored Combat Helmet 5
Farrell's Restored Battle Robe 7
Farrell's Restored War Cap 7
Boris' Accesory 9
Schmitz's Chain 7
Thomas' Medallion 9
Angelina's Accessory 11
Farrell's Badge 7
Harris' Necklace 11
Boris' Relic 9
Primera's Badge 9
Thomas' Badge 9
Schmitz's Badge 5
Angelina's Keepsake 11
Davis' Lapel Badge 11
Harris'Badge 11
Farrell's Lapel Badge 7
Boris' Ring 9
Primera's Ring 9
Thomas' Ring 9
Schmitz's Ring 5
Angelina's Ring 11
Davis' Ring 11
Harris' Ring 11
Farrell's Ring 7
Schmitz's Restored Chain 5
Shimitz's Restored Badge 5
Shimitz's Restored Ring 5
Farrell's Restored Ring 7
Farrell's Restored Badge 7
Farrell's Restored Ring 7

  f.The Sea Witch's Essence and Sea Spirit Essence  can only be used on clothes ,hat and jewelry ,not weapon.Errors in descriptions

 g.The function of stone of water is increase the load of figurehead ,and the function of stone of strength is increase the Hull and Sail Durability of the ship.Erros in description.


Item Actual Effect
Attack Power Stone increase attack by 10
Defense Stone increase defense by 25
Accuracy Stone increase accuracy by 4
Dodge Stone increase dodge by 3
Health Stone increase HP by 200
Energy Stone increase SP by 100
Attack Power Stone(Superior) increase attack by 20
Defense Stone(Superior) increase defense by 50
Accuracy Stone(Superior) increase accuracy by 8
Dodge Stone(Superior) increase dodge by 6
Health Stone(Superior) increase HP by 400
Energy Stone(Superior) increase SP by 200
Defense Stone (Precious) increase defense by 100
Accuracy Stone (Precious) increase accuracy by 16
Dodge Stone (Precious) increase dodge by 12
Health Stone (Precious) increase HP by 800
Energy Stone (Precious) increase SP by 400
Stone of Water Increase the load of FH 
Stone of Strength Increase the Hull Durability and Sail Durability