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Portobello Bay Instance

Jan 9, 2014

New Instances

Having vanquished the evil siblings in Portobello City, your heroism is unquestionable. However, the very root of evil has yet to receive its just desserts.         
The Reyes' Elite Fleet has appeared at Portobello Bay and is trying to stage a comeback! Do not underestimate them, for although their fleets appear to be few in numbers, they have superior ship armaments, while their crew is battle-hardened and very cunning. They are far superior to any opponents you have met on the ocean. 

Heroes, it is time to amass your fleet and gather your crew, for we shall enter Portobello Bay and vanquish this source of evil once and for all. To bring peace to these waters, it’s time we brought justice to these scoundrels!         
1. Instance Entrance Requirements         
a. Level 150 Profession, Level 120 Sea Battle.         
b. Daily entry limit: Once         
c. Required Item: Bay Secret Door Key. Bay Secret Door Key is a permanent item. It can be obtained by exchanging 10 Secret Key Fragments, produced in Portobello City.         
2. To enter the Instance: Portobello Port→ Portobello Outskirt → Portobello Bay (Sea Battle Instance) 

3.Instance Rewards
a.Instance Drops
Improved Dictator Cannon,Improved Dictator Buckshot Cannon,Improved Dictator Dartling Cannon,Bombarding Accuracy Stone,Cannon Dodge Stone,Vulcan's Refined Stone,Aeolus' Refined Stone,Arethusa's Refined Stone and so on
and the equipment as follow


b.Defeat Portobello Bay’s Boss with your team and every player will receive a fixed quantity of Reyes Family Emblems. These emblems can be used in exchange for the following items:



*The above content is intended solely to help players in understanding the game and is not indicative of actual in-game content.