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How to use an Essence Stone to protect the attribute of the equipment

Dec 22, 2013

    The Essence Stone is a new item that can be used on protected item’s attribute. When using certain refined items, it is possible that item attributes would fall. For occasions like this, you may use Essence Stone to record the item’s original attributes. If your refined equipments suffers a fall in attributes, you may restore the attributes to the original.

First, enter the Gear Enhancement Interface by clicking on the picture shown below.

Upon entering the interface, click on the “Transfer” tab.

After which, selected the attributes that you wish to retain as show below.

    You can view on the left half of the screen in the Transfer tab those you wish to keep and choose them. Click on the “Save” button. At this moment one of your Essence Stones will be consumed and you will be able to see the retained attribute in the right side of the Transfer tab screen.

    After which, remove the equipment from the “Gear Enhancement” interface for refining. If you notice any decline in attributes during the refining, you may click on “paste” to restore said attributes, place the item in the tab as shown below:

    Before you hit “Paste” you will see that that the values of the attributes on the left and right of the screen are different.  The attributes on the left are those which the equipment bears now  (in the picture below it would be Dodge +252 ), on the right are the saved attributes (Dodge +253), if you click on “Paste” the item’s previous attribute (Dodge +253) will be restored and no Essence Stone would be used up in the process.