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An Omen of War's Spoils (Target:Oslo)(Beta)

Dec 22, 2013

Before the war starts , you receive the following Omen:
The warriors who attack and seizes the Oslo city,  will receive a prize!

The victorious guild's prizes

Moonstone *2 
Magnetic Ore*60
Polar Iron*4
Blazing Flame Essence(Perfect)*4

Notice: Only attackers will get the prizes, not defenders. Leaders of the Guild who captured the city should contact us for the corresponding Rewards.
              If a guild's total power is equal to or exceeds 28000, that guild is eligible to claim prizes.

Event time:Dec 23rd - Dec 29th (GMT-5)

All Guild Leaders who meet the criteria to claim the prize, please contact us before Jan  5th, 2014 to qualify.

IGG reserves the final interpretation and right of this event.

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