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jackpot reward

Feb 21, 2013
Combination Rewards
Grand Prize:Expedition Military Will - Fighting Desire,Permanent Gem Process Machine(Level 3),Quick Heal Device,Cannon Gem Enhance Tool(Level 2),Ward of Lafayerte,Michael's Muster,Gold Faith Update Card*15,General Manual*6000,Luminous Pearl*1500
      2nd Prize:Ptolemy's Satellite(Permanent),Smelting Stone*15,Hellraiser(Overlord's),Gold Faith Update Card*9,Modification Stone*500,Cursed Huge Immortal Head,Luminous Pearl*500,General Manual*2500,Special Offer Voucher*7000,Fallen Star Shard-50
      3rd Prize:  Hollowness (Overlord's),Special Offer Voucher*4000,Labrinton Honor Certificate*300,Attribute Transfer Item,Gold Faith Update Card*4,General Manual*1200,Modification Stone*400,Luminous Pearl*150
      4thPrize: Captain Owleus Whistle,Gold Credits*100,Event Key*70,Proof of Honor*120,Blood Rose Fragments*300,Gold Faith Update Card*1,Special Offer Voucher*800,General Manual*300,Modification Stone*50
      5th Prize:Special Offer Voucher*300,Consortia Habor War Battle Award*30,Blood Rose Fragment*100,General Manual*100,Gold Credits*40,Modification Stone*25,Luminous Pearl*25
2 Same Icons 6th Prize: You’ve got one more chance to pull!
Other than the shown
combinations above
Consolation Prize:Treasure Key*25,Event Key*15,Blazingflame Cannon*12,Special Offer Voucher*150,Proof of Honor*40,Blood Rose Fragment*25,General Manual*40,Gold Credits*20,Modification Stone*10,Luminous Pearl*10