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Halloween Trick & Treat Instances! (Instance 1+1)

Oct 17, 2012

What’s a Halloween without a little trick or treating? Here at Voyage Century, we like to show you our tricks, which is a fantastic Instance 1+1 treat!

Event Period: Oct 19th 0:01am to Oct 21th 11:59pm (EDT)

Event Content: Players can find the NPC Titania at Seville Port (121.5 -26.9) and receive your Instance Quest (Daily Quest). Upon which you will also receive an Instance Order such as a Polar Tundra 1+1 Order, Desolate Valley 1+1 Order, or a Poseidon Temple 1+1 Order. These Instance Orders can grant you an extra entry to the respective Instances.

These items have an expiry period of 1440 minutes.

VCO Team