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Tiger Totem Comes (Update)

Oct 11, 2012

Event Duration
1:01am, Oct 13th to 11:59pm Oct 14th EDT(GMT-4)

Event Content
During the event, players will have the chance to pick up the special Tiger Totem that will be dropped by various monsters. (Shortbread will not be dropped during the event) Each player who collect enough of these Tiger Totems can take them to Tripoli Port and exchange them for much experience and some wicked cool prizes. See the chart below for details.


Required Number of Tiger Totems Items Claimed
200 Hylin Fossil*1
200 Hylin Helmet*1
200 Hylin Bone*1
300 Frost Crystal*1
300 Heart of Crystal*1
300 Crystal Shell*1
550 Explorer Sword*1
550 Explorer Artifacts*1
550 Explorer Shawl*1
800 The King's Treasures*1
800 Decorated Crown of the King*1
800 King Breastplate*1

Longevity Yearbook*1


All items can not be traded.

"A Fantastic Weekend!" also waits for you. You could take Tiger Totems to Ali once a day. She will give you 200,000,000 experience. (Requires:Profession Level >=100)