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Special Offer Voucher Giveaway (New Item Released)

May 28, 2012

With the Special Offer Voucher Giveaway event over, we have heard that there are still tons of players going crazy about it. To keep the jolly moment for your whole sailing journey, we are pleased to announce that the "Special Offer Voucher Giveaway" will be open again. And this time, we will make this event to be extended for longer then ever! Also, we hope the vouchers can help you to get the event keys in game easier.

Event Details
At any time during the event, if you exchange IGG Points for VC Points or directly purchase VC Points, you will also obtain the same amount of rewards in Special Offer Vouchers! For instance, exchanging for 100 VC Points or directly purchase 100 VC Points will earn you 100 Special Offer Vouchers.

There's MORE!
During the event, make an according purchase of Points to qualify for the below rewards!

Points Charged
1,001-2,999 300 Original Magnetic Ore, 5 Imperial Gold,  1 Double Drop Rate Card, 1 Explorer Shawl and 1 Explorer Sword
3,000-4,999 500 Original Magnetic Ore, 15 Imperial Gold, 2 Double Drop Rate Card, 1 Yat Pearl, 1 The King's Treasures
5,000- 9,999 800 Original Magnetic Ore, 20 Imperial Gold, 3 Double Drop Rate Card, 1 Yat Pearl, 1 Blue Crystal, 1 Speed Vampire  and  1 Kungfu Panda
10,000-19,999 1000 Original Magnetic Ore, 10 Seal of Heaven, 4 Double Drop Rate Card + Player Choice - 1 New Christmas Charm or 1 Hollowness (Overlord's)* or 1 Welkin Finger Ring (choose one)
20,000 or more 1200 Original Magnetic Ore, 20 Seal of Heaven5 Double Drop Rate Card + Player Choice - 1Exquisite Octant (permanent) or 1 Alchemic Stargazer (permanent) or 1 Cursed Huge Immortal Head (choose one)

Note: The above is calculated based on the total amount of Points purchased during the event period. Each account is only limited to ONE such reward above, so be sure to consider carefully before making the purchase!

New Item:

Exquisite Octant (permanent) 

Alchemic Stargazer (permanent) 

Fashion Mogul Charm


Event Duration

1:01am, May 28th to 11:59pm, May 31st EDT(GMT-4)

Please note that all rewards will be charged into your account on June 1st.