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Captain Jack's Compass (New Item Released)

May 25, 2012

Dear fellow VC players, as big return to your support, we will be launching a random drawing called "Captain Jack's Compass" from 0:01 a.m. May 25th to 11:59 p.m. May 27th EDT (GMT-4). Once you purchase 1,000 VC Points or exchange them from IGG points at one go during the event period, you'll get a FREE chance to win this rare and priceless reward.

Event Period

0:01 a.m. May 25th to 11:59 p.m. May 27th EDT (GMT-4)

Event Details

Every time, players who purchase the required amount of VC points during this event will have the opportunity of winning the awesome rewards! You could exchange them from IGG points, or purchase VC points directly. For every 1,000 points purchased or exchanged at one go, you'll get 1 FREE try. So 2,000 points will give you 2 FREE tries, and so on. The more VC points you purchase, the more free goodies you will get!

Click here to try your luck on the Captain Jack's Compass.

The possible rewards:

Cursed Huge Immortal Head*1
Welkin Finger Ring*1
New Christmas Charm*1
Hollowness (Overlord's)*1
Kungfu Panda pet*1
Poseidon Sword*1
God Pearl*1
Yalt Pearl*1
Certificate of Overlord*1
Tiger Choker*1
Treasure Key*30
Event Key*50
Special Offer Voucher*300
Magnetic Ore*3
Temple Treasure Box*50
Almighty repair box*10
Melting Stone*5
Evidence of Hunt*300
The King's Treasures
Seal of Poseidon*3
Telance Combat Helmet*1
Telance Combat Armor*1
Polar Iron*1
Blue Thread*1
Blue Crystal*1
Rainbow Crystal*10
Seal of Heaven*10
Apaches Tears*1
Zilant Totem*1
Orchid of Four Clearances*1
Scarlet Poison Needle*1
Loki's Bracer*1
Sands of Time*1
Black Pearl Gift Pack*1
Valkyrie Descent*1
Ptolemy's Satellite*1
Hadley's Octant*1
Ptolemy's Satellite (permanent)*1
Hadley's Octant (permanent)*1

Fashion Mogul Charm (Male)
Fashion Mogul Charm (Female)

New Item:


Note: Apaches Tears, Zilant Totem, Orchid of Four Clearances, Scarlet Poison Needle, Loki's Bracer, Sands of Time, Ptolemy's Satellite and Hadley's Octant will be sent to the winners' warehouses after May 29th Weekly Maintenance.