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Game Update Version 0.96 The Pirate King's Treasure!

May 9, 2012

We're glad to announce the official launch of our newest patch - The Pirate King's Treasure! The excitement's coming to YOU at 6:00AM SHARP right after the maintenance on May 9th EDT(GMT-4)! Prepare to don NEW armor sets and take on NEW challenges! Meanwhile, stay tuned for all our upcoming events AND all those fabulous gift's we've prepared for everyone! Don't miss out!

Download the newest updated patach below!

0.93-0.96 patch download

The Newest Updated Client (version 0.96)

After maintenance, all servers will receive  4X EXP + 2X Drop rates from the moment the server are up till 11:59pm May 14th.

The list of updates in Version 0.96 will be as below.
1. Add new instance: Crete instance, Gibraltar instance, Portobelo instance and North Islands instance
2. More free OMOs.
3. Add new series task: The Knight's Vigil
4. Add new equipment suits of pro Lv148B 150B 150C
5. Add new professional skills
6. Add repurchase function into NPC
7. Add “Daily Clock-in”series tasks
8. Add “Portobelo exploration system”
9. Balance Tweaks For Sea Battle Talents:Caribbean pirate, Treasure Hunter, Emperor's Guardian.
10. Add new exchanges in “material exchange staff” of seville port
11. Adjust the angle of view and eyeshot of ship in offshore
12. Reduce the Exploration system difficulty of North Islands
13. Improvement of Sea Teasure (Edward Teach's Precious Deposits,Emanuel Wynne's Precious Deposits)
14. Brand New Business System.

For more detailed information on the various new contents, click here!

If you encounter any game BUGs right after the update, please get in touch with us as soon as possible via Live Support or the Service Center, so we may resolve them as soon as possible! Thank you!