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Romantic Valentine's Day Series

Feb 14, 2007

When the first rose blooms in spring, people who falls in love, gets to know that their festival is upcoming, valentine’s day. Surrounding you are always the candle, wine, flowers and graceful music. In this season of love, Voyage Century and MMORPG will hold a series of passionate celebration in union for all the players.

Whatever you are couples, lovers, friends or strangers, come and join us, you will find the suited activity in our romantic Valentine’s series. These events will debut on Voyage Century official site and forum, lasting from Feb. 2nd to Feb. 14th. All the activities with originality and well arrangement are created, also the most advanced Graphic Cards and other attractive rewards just are there for you.

Hurry up! It is in the Voyage Century that sharing your sweet love in this charmed day. Let us witness your love.