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2:00 to 5:00 am January 13th Weekly Maintenance (Update)

Jan 11, 2012

All servers will be brought down on January 13th from 2:00am EST (GMT-5) to 5:00am EST(GMT-5) for weekly maintenance. We expect the realms to be down for approximately three hours.

We hear YOU, dear players, and we're going to make the following changes to make Voyage Century even BETTER for you!
1. The way items are bound to your character has been reverted to the previous system (in the Atlantis version). Items that can be unbound pertain to those that can be unbound in the Atlantis version, unbinding items still cost 100 Special Offer Vouchers. Please check to ensure your items are now bound to you after the update – if not, it is advised to use a  Security Lock, or a Bind Stone to do so.
2. All items exchanged via the Voucher Exchanger will now be tradable (except for Charms).
3. Guild Masters of guilds Level 5 and above can no longer apply for the name change service.

All players should make preparations for the maintenance and log off in time. Any items or personal data losses suffered from failing to log off in time will not be compensated. We appreciate your patience in this matter. See you in game!