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Game Update Version 0.91: The Gate to Poseidon Temple!

Dec 13, 2011

Think you've seen everything and experienced the bitterest trials of Atlantis? That nothing can prove as a challenge to your might anymore? Ha, you're about to be proven wrong, matey! Come December 14th EST(GMT-5), experience a whole new level of challenge and adventure with our newest update, The Gate to Poseidon Temple! There will be a FOUR(4) hours update starting from 3:00am on December 14th EST(GMT-5), after which, Poseidon will be ready to welcome those daring enough to venture into his realm!

Download the newest updated patach below!
0.87-0.91 patch download 1

0.87-0.91 patch download 2

The Newest Updated Client (version 0.91)

After  maintenance, all servers will receive  3X EXP + 1.8X Drop rates from the moment the server are up till 11:59pm December 18th.(For Zheng He, it will be 4X EXP and 2X Drop Rate)

The list of updates in Version 0.91 will be as below.
1. Guild Level can now be raised to 10!
2. 2 new instances: Poseidon's Temple, and Parlo Valley!
3. New quest series to acquire the new ship, Black Pearl!
4. New pets and fashion charms, A player can only have up to 10 pets.!
5. Open Sea Treasure are now better!
6. New system: Weapon Reforging!
7. Newly created characters will now receive 5 Ability reward Gold, Warship Captain Gift Package, Merchant Ship Captain Gfit Package, Raiding ship Captain Gift Package(1 of each!), as well as various potions, and fashion sets!
8. New treasure box: Temple Treasure Box! This treasure box can be obtained at random from Northland Island, Atlantis, or any Level 140 and above instance, and can yield high grade refining items, Seal of Poseidon, Polar Iron, apparatus and more!
9. Siege Wars City now yield better rewards!
10. Quest, Guild and Production interfaces are now more organized.
11. The siege bidding system has been improved.
12. The fleet system has been removed.
13. Various weapons, armor, quest items and unexchangeable materials have now been changed to bind on equip, New Item Statuses:
Bound after being picked up
These items cannot be traded, and has a rate to be dropped upon character death except charm. Picking up these items thereafter binds it to your character; it is advised to secure these items with a Secruity lock (therefore making it bound to character). The Secruity lock exchanger will be made available in the upcoming patches.
These items cannot be traded, and cannot be dropped.
Bound after being equiped
These items can be traded and can be dropped, but becomes Bound once equipped.
Also, class specific weapons, armor, accessories, Dragon Set, Freezing set as well as Broken Attribute Transfer Items below Level 120 can now be unbound at a fee of 100 Special Offer Voucher per item. (The greeting card will no longer be required for this purpose.)
14. Using a avater charm will no longer cause your original character avater missed.
15. Wearing theUndeat Pirate Charm will no longer cause you to be unable to perform certain actions.
16. Socketing the Poseidon Temple instance chamr will no longer cause your Hatred attribute to be ineffective.
17. Backpack items should no longer suddenly be all highlighted in red, causing them to be unusable. If you still encounter this problem, click refresh button in your character interface to refresh your backpack items.
18. Pet attacks will no longer cause your player to become pink or red named.
19. Hawkshaw Card will no longer be usable.
20. Various erroneous translations have been corrected accordingly.

For more detailed information on the various new contents, click here!

 If you encounter any game BUGs right after the update, please get in touch with us as soon as possible via Live Support or the Service Center, so we may resolve them as soon as possible! Thank you!