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Patch Notes for the Latest Update (June 28th)

Jun 27, 2011

1. The English Channel instance is now live, click here for more detailed info.
2. Players can now get Level 13 ships at the Santiago Shipyard Boss.
3. The ship restructuring system is now available, click here for more detailed info.
4. There are 3 new bombs available from the Atlantis Ship Engineer. 
5. Players can now produce new ship figureheads from ship drawings, which can be obtained from the English Channel Instance.
6. New instance tasks and ship restructuring tasks have been added into the game.
7. The Imperial Box rewards have been adjusted with the addition of superior rank items and 3 new stone items.
8. Players can now check their cannons' attacking range and the targeting cannons' attacking range.
9. Sea battle scenes have been improved and updated.
10. Players sailing on the sea with Wild Animals-style Bronze Ware will now feature special marks.
11. The error that prevented the 8 pieces of the King Suit from cooling down has been fixed.
12. The text error about discarding task items has been fixed.
13. Some task text errors have been corrected.

The update of this patch will be completed during the maintenance last from 3:00am to 6:00am June 28th GMT(EDT-4).

Click here to download the lastest patch.