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Server Merger: Magellan&Marco Polo Embrace New Future Together

Apr 13, 2011

Here at VCO we are looking to create an improved gaming environment for our players, as well as enhanced diversity among the VCO community. With this in mind, we've decided to merge the Magellan and Marco Polo servers, into a new server called 'Magellan & Marco Polo'.

Server Merger Timego
To ensure the server merger go smoothly, magellan and marco polo server will be shut down in advance from 9:00pm April 17th to 9:00pm April 18th EDT(GMT-4), maintenance time for the other servers will stay the same.

Server Merger Rules
1. Character's info will be kept unchanged, including profession levels, skills, items, mall points, quests, friends, guild and other data.
2. Colony Cities information on the merging servers will also be retained.
3. After the server merger is complete, the prefix "MarcoPolo_" will appear on the character names and guild names from the Marco Polo server if their name is identical with one from Magellan server.
4. With each account allowed a maximum of 4 characters on each server, if you already have more than 4 characters between the 2 servers (Magellan and Marco Polo), the system will keep only the 4 characters with most online time after the merger is complete. So please remember to transfer your items and game coins to your remaining characters.
5. After the merger, cities captured by Marco Polo guilds will be cleared and compensation awarded to the guilds.
6. To perform the server-merger, our officials will have to adjust some game data. If you have a guild or you're in a guild, please pay attention: During the server-merger, all guilds with names that use non-English letters will be affected.If your guild name includes these non-English letters, the guild leader contact us via Live Support before the server-merger for a chance to reset your guild.

1. Marco Polo guilds will obtain Item Mall Points as compensation for their lost cities (8,000 points* the number of common cities+ 2000 points* the number of Merchant Alliance cities). If the guilds recapture those cities again on the new server from April 19th to May 3rd, we will cover the original Prosperity points as well.
2. The new server 'Magellan & Marco Polo' will also be holding some special events to mark the merger, including Triple EXP, 1.5X Drops for the entire week after the merger is complete.
3. Characters that have identical names will be allowed one free renaming after the server merger is complete.
4. Compensatory points will be delivered to Guild Leaders' accounts on April 20th.

Thanks for your continued support and enjoy the newly expanded community in Magellan and Marco Polo!

The VCO Team