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Announcement About New Character Transfer Applications

Dec 9, 2010

Good news! The modifications to the Character transfer application have been completed. Here's the details,

1.The process that helps friends transfer their characters has been improved.
You are now able to help friends transfer their characters without knowing their passwords. Enter your friends' account name on the character transfer page and select 'original server' and 'target server' , then your friend will receive a notice for confirmation on the immigration page. When your friend confirms the notice and completes the info required, they can then apply for character transfer.

2. Name Validity has been applied to backup names entered for your character on the new server.
If the backup name is already in use on the target server, you'll receive a notice to rename.

3. Name Restrictions have been applied to backup names you enter for your character on the new server.
If the backup name contains invalid codes, you'll receive a notice to rename.

4. The Character Cap now applies to the number of characters you want to transfer.
Each player can have up to 4 characters on one server. If the number of characters you wish to transfer (plus any characters you may already have on the target server) exceeds 4, you'll receive a notice to reduce the amount of characters to 4.

Also, to guarantee a smooth gaming environment and avoid problems arising from frequent character info changes, the officials have decided to control the immigration frequency, former regular immigration during Tuesday maintenance will be cancelld, the officials will announce the exact time for immigration on the website each time.

The most recent time available to apply for Character Transfer is December 10th to December 13th EST (GMT-5).

Character Transfers will occur during the server maintenance on December 14th

Click here to apply for immigration!

The VCO Team