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Welcome to the Voyage Century Beta Test on 22nd December!

Dec 18, 2006
Along with the consummation of Alpha Testing, Voyage Century has aroused great many players’ interests. Many enthusiastic players show great support to the game. Sensationally, our game server will be close since 0:00am (EST) Dec.19th .Voyage Century Beta will be officially launched on 12:00pm (EST) Dec.22nd! Myriad of fans have been waiting for the stirring moment for a long time.
Differ from the Alpha Testing, all beta accounts and characters will NOT be deleted, which indicates voyage century has gradually got on to the right track. Also fabulous news: the first 3D nautical masterpiece will be free forever and the 24/7 live supports, with which you can contact with the GM directly, ensure the first-class service for all players.
12:00 pm (EST), Dec.22nd! Join the Beta without any hesitation! Let’s witness the milestone of Voyage Century together. Click here for more information about the Beta.
The story in Voyage Century Online begins on Mediterranean Sea from 16th Century--- an epic of magnificent sweeps which adventurers head on the strong wind and seal their name on the grand ocean.
Voyage Century represent the prosperity of 16th century. Voyages, exploration, trade, pirates, sea and land battle, gathering, forging, all of these consist of the game. Each character in the game has an extraordinary and enigmatic life experience. However, no matter whom they are all-conquering warrior, smart merchant, or notorious pirate, they all hold a same belief. That is to shake off the bonds, realize their own dream. Their firm belief sustains their unremitting adventure…
"Free game  First-class service"
Please check the official site: http://www.voyagecenturyonline.com for more details.
The first 3D nautical online game brings a new age into MMORPG!