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Atlantis Rises From the Sea

Mar 1, 2010

Buried beneath the waves for a millennia, Atlantis is the brand new edition of Voyage Century Online that players will be able to discover once again on March 2nd, when the client version is updated to version 0.76.

To successfully complete to update, we will bring down the server for maintenance at 12:00 am GMT(EST-5), which is ahead of our usual schedule. The servers will be shut down for approximately 5 hours, however if we run into any unexpected problems, the maintenance may last longer. Once the maintenance has been completed, we will post an announcement on the website for everyone to see.

The maintenance duration will last from 12:00am to 5:00am March 2nd GMT(EST-5).

To sweap away the joyful spirit of leveling-up, the officials will be giving away extra bonus. The Double EXP will be given on all the server lasting for a whole week, with commencement of 5:00am, March 2nd to 2:00am, March 9th EST(GMT-5).

The updated version will add a host of new features and content for players to explore and enjoy.
1. The level cap will be moved up to Level 150, while the upper limit of the 17 Character skills will stay at Level 120. Players who have reached Level 120 will have their current profession Exp returned to 0 as shown in the following screenshot. Professional skill points above level 120 players are still unavailable.


2. Two new and exciting scenes and corresponding quests will also be up - the Bimini Islands scene and the North Islands scene.
3. Four different instance will be open, the Polar Tundra (ordinary), the Polar Tundra (Elite), the King's Tomb (ordinary) and the King's Tomb (Elite).
4. With the Level 5 Treasure Map having been introduced, the advanced materials for suit compounding will now be available.
5. With the new suit compound system available, players can create higher level equipment by compounding their Level 120 equipment with the new compound materials, however these suits can't be traded.
6. The exploring log for Atlantis and North Islands will be available now.
7. Novice protection adjustment - Novice protection was originally setup to protect those whose Bare-Hand skill or Sea Battle skill was below Level 31. Now, the Novice protection has been changed to those whose Profession Level is below Level 55.
8. Adding the Battle Information Channel. See the screenshot shown as below.

9. You can now check Instance information in the new edition. It's easy to check, simply open the Command Interface, and then you can view the process and the prerequisites for entering each instance.

10. The cooldown for the Revival Skill of Armed Businessmen has been reduced from 15 min to 5 min
11. More new bonuses and rewards are up for grabs, including Guild built city Rewards, Siege Rewards, Items Dropped by Hydra, Items Dropped from Ghost ships and more!
12. Some text errors in the description of special items have been fixed, including low-level Skill Books, the Damage Reduction Crystals, Poisoning Potions, Bull Protection Lvl 4, Bull Protection Lvl 5, and the Urgent Raid of pet common skills.
13. The problem players were having with dropped items has been improved in the new edition. However, the Wild Animals-style Bronze Ware will be dropped if a player is killed.
14. Experience gained through killing quests involving monsters have been reduced, such as the Emperor Mausoleum Robbers, in order to cut back on the grinding of these monsters.
15. The Ranking method of Lucky Players has been changed. The Ranking of Lucky players is based on the number of event keys are used to open gift boxes, instead of the number of treasures from Heaven.

There you have it. To learn more about the new edition and its ever-growing variety of game, please click here.