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Welkin Finger Ring Up for Grabs

Oct 15, 2009

The Welkin Finger Ring is one of the most valuable Items sought by VCO players. If it is also one of the treasures you're seeking, then join our latest special offer event and you'll have the chance to acquire this amazing treasure!

Event Duration
Oct 15th-Oct 18th

Event Details
During the event if you exchange for 500 VC points in one go, you will get 1 Large High Level First-aid Kit valued at 250 points, and 200 Special Offer Vouchers. If you exchange for 1,000 VC points in one go, you will get 2 Large High Level First - aid Kits, and 400 Special Offer Vouchers, and more...

Also, the player who exchanges the greatest amount of VC points will be rewarded

with the super prize we named this event after – the Welkin Finger Ring! 

Click here to view points exchange rankings.

1. If 2 or more players exchange the same amount of VC points, the exchange time will be a deciding factor. The player who reaches the greatest amount of exchanged points FIRST will be rewarded with a Welkin Finger Ring.

2. Please contact Live Support on Oct 19th to claim the Welkin Finger Ring if you are the top winner. All the rest of the rewards will be delivered to winners' accounts on Oct 19th.