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Ultimate Summer Ending Carnival

Sep 24, 2009

This is almost the end of the summer, and the VCO team has prepared a ultimate cool event for many players. Come join us in the Summer Ending Carnival, and you will win big rewards!

From September 24 to September 29 the top 10 players who redeem the most and at least 4000 VC points on 2- day Ranking List, will have a chance to select a their favorite reward. The time sequence will determine  the Ranking List.
Sep24th - Sep25th
Sep26th - Sep27th
Sep28th - Sep29th
Top 1 - Top3
Polar Region(Superior) or Snowy Mountain(Superior) or Grey Dragon(Superior) or Icecap(Superior) or Dominate(Superior) or Hidden Dragon(Superior)
Top4 - Top6
Director's Ring(Superior) or Purple Ring(Superior) or Director's Pendant(superior) or Purple Necklace(Superior) or Director's Badge(Superior) or Purple Amulet(Superior)
Top7 - Top10
Sea-Soul Ring(Superior) or Diamond Ring(Superior) or Sea-Soul Pendant(Superior) or Diamond Necklace(Superior) or Sea-Soul Badge(Superior) or Diamond Amulet(Superior)
From September 24 to September 29 players who redeem the most VC points in Final Ranking List will win a chance to choose any of the following rewards. Redemption is allowed only once. The time sequence will determine  the Final Ranking List.
Furthermore, every player with redemption of 5,000 VC points or more earns super refining items! 

Total redemption of VC points from Sep24 to Sep 29
Top 3
1 Dark Night or Setting Sun or Windstorm or Avalanche
Redemption 15,000 VC Points or above
5 Quality Raw Steel Material(superior) + 5 Quality Steel Plate(superior) + 5 Quality Handle(superior) + 5 Quality Steel Thread(superior)
(total value of 3000 points)
Redemption 10,000 VC Points or above
3 Quality Raw Steel Material(superior) + 3 Quality Steel Plate(superior) + 3 Quality Handle(superior) + 3 Quality Steel Thread(superior)
(total value of 1800 points)
Redemption 5,000 VC Points or above
1 Quality Raw Steel Material(superior) + 1 Quality Steel Plate(superior) + 1 Quality Handle(superior) + 1 Quality Steel Thread(superior)
(total value of 600 points)

The officials will announce the latest 2-days Ranking List on Item Mall news. On October 9th we will also announce the Final Ranking List on Item Mall news section. The winners on the Ranking List contact our Live Support for redemption as soon as possible. We will deliver the rewards within 3 working days after confirming their information.
Thanks for your continued support!




Dark Night                                                                                 Setting Sun