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VCO New Version Officially Released

Aug 4, 2009

After a long wait and extensive refining of content, the new version of Voyage Century, the March to Glory, will finally be released on August 4th. Don't hesitate to join in the fun with all the new content available now!

The update patch is a little large, so please be patient when you download it. You can download the patch during the maintenance so that you can enjoy the new version as soon as the server is back online.

Download 0.64-0.68 Patch here:

 [US] 0.64-0.68 patch download 1

 [US] 0.64-0.68 patch download 3

 [US] 0.64-0.68 patch download 4
(You just need to download one of these patches only.)


Step 1: Select a link underneath to download the update patch.
Step 2: After download, click the program to install the update patch manually. The correct install path: \Voyage Century Online.
Step 3: Click Next till the installation succeed.

If you have any other problems, please click our Live Support our customer service will provide you with instant help.

The following are the highlights of the new version being released:

-Incredible Imperial Battles
-Crafter's Credit: When you make gear, your name is displayed on it
-Four new pets: Urus God, Shadow Reaper, Ice Fairy, and Hell Wolf
-New quests for Level 40-50 characters
-New daily quests for Aden Bay
-New hunting quests
-Hydra Mode
-The Sailor Bar: Host to Quizzes and Dragon Boat Racing
-Wedding System Release
-New Instances (Elite Maya and Elite Hurricane Island)
-...and more!