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Another Lunch is On Us

Jun 25, 2009

They say there's no free lunch, but we proved them wrong once, and with so many players asking for us to do it again…we are! So come enjoy another free lunch – on us!

Event Duration
10:00a.m. ---4:00p.m. EDT (GMT-4), June 28th

Event Content
During the event, if players are online for a total of 4 hours, then they will each obtain 2 Mid-Autumn Gift Boxes.

Click here to join the event.

Event Rules:
1. Players must log onto our event page and sign up for the event after 9:01am that day.  
2. Before signing up for the event, log out of the game. The system will start counting your time online from when they log into the game again after signing up.  
3. Log into the game and play the game for a total of 4 hours.
4. Once you have accumulated 4 hours visit the event page. Click "Confirm" before 4:00pm, and then click "Claim" rewards, the rewards will then be charged directly into your account. 

Time to Claim Rewards
4:01p.m. EDT (GMT-4), on June 28th to 4:00p.m. EDT (GMT-4) on June 30th

1. Players need to sign up on the event page first, or they won't be qualified to participate.
2. Players must log out of the game before signing up.  And then also log out of the game once they have successfully accumulated 4 hours.
3. Players can log off and log into the game freely during the event, as long as they can accumulate 4 hours.  
4. Players must claim their rewards within the appointed period; otherwise they will be forfeited.
5. Players must click "Confirm" on the event page before the end of the event – June 28th at 4:00pm EDT(GMT-4) - otherwise they won't obtain any rewards.

The Mid-autumn Gift Box contains Silver Coins, Certificates of the Overlord, Certificates of the Commander-in-chief, High-level Loadable Cabins, Sapphires, Olivines, Obsidians, moon cakes, and superior gear drawings.