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Mar 26, 2009

Voyage Century is, at its heart, a game of exploration and adventure. With this in mind, the most important aspect of the game must be all the available quests. Whether it’s the main quests leading you through the storyline, the light-hearted branch quests, or amusing commercial alliance quests, there’s something for everyone. With the release of the new expansion, “A New Era of Conquest”, some brand new profession quests have now been added. So don’t shy away from adventure, embrace it and ride the trade winds to the new world and beyond!


Note: In the new Profession quests, players earn Profession Experience, not Experience.






The Birth of New Hero

Welcome to Voyage Century, where your dreams can come true. You need to choose your profession first



one of the following weapons: Newbie Cutlass, Newbie Coutel or Newbie Gun

Learning ordinary skills

In Voyage Century, skills are divided into profession skills and ordinary skills.Hold onto to see profession skills.You can findSkill Tutor to learn ordinary skills.Now I suggest you should go to learn a skill from a skill tutor at the gate of Athens remember to use auto-track




Delicious Seafood

 Slay 1 turtle, and collect 5 crab clamps



Iron Ring(Ordinary)

 Potion Purchase

Hand 1 Low-level Healing Potion and 1 Low-level Recovery Potion to Alchemist




Go Hunting

 Slay 10 Pheasants and 10 Red Foxes, get 3 Worn Hide



Iron Ring(Ordinary)

Warm Cloth

 Collect 5 fine wool and 10 wool




Collect Special Plants

Collect 4 Jute and 4 Linen



Pig Iron Pendant(Ordinary)

 Collect Production Tools

 Hand in 1 Inferior Pickaxe,1 Level 1 Mould, and 1 Inferior Sewing Kit



Pig Iron Weapon for the corresponding profession: Pig Iron Cutlass(Ordinary), Pig Iron Coutel(Ordinary), Model Gun(Ordinary).

 Dangerous Freak

 Learn Bare-hand Fighting




 Defeat Depressed Poet

Defeat  Depressed Poet Walyze




 Businessman's First Try

 Hand in 5 seafood



Pig Iron Badge(Ordinary)

Prepare for Sailing

 Hand in 1000 provisions and recruit more than 50 sailors




The First Order

Hand in 10 boxes of olives



Corresponding Gender Carol Robe

Hunger Threat

Bring 5 mutton and 5 wheat back



Copper Safe

Business Knowledge

  It's time to learn something. Go to find skill tutor and learn eloquence stunt. Higher level eloquence will help you more in business.



Bronze Ring(Ordinary)

Finance Management

Go to a bank and deposit at least 1 silver coin




The King's Reward 1

Hand in 400 cannonballs, 70 cannons, and 1 Ship Armour



Copper Safe

King's Reward 2

 Defeat 10 Peg Leg Armed Ships and 10 Iron Fist Armed Ships



90 Light Buckshot Cannons

 Enhance Morale 1

 Ask skill tutor to improve your grappling to level 1




Enhance Morale 2

Hand in a grappling



Bronze Pendant(Ordinary)

Enhance Morale 3

Slay 1 Peg Leg Ship Captain and 1 Iron Hand Ship Captain through grappling.



Copper Safe

 Genoa is seeking help 1

Slay 10 gray wolves, jackals and wild wolves



Copper Safe

Genoa is seeking help 2

Hand in 1 Wolf Lord Fang



Bronze Badge(Ordinary)

Take the First Action

 Defeat 10 Steel Tooth Armed Ships and Golden Eye Armed Ships




Star Ocean

Hand in a piece of ordinary letter paper



Voyagers Times

Hunt Goat(Repeatable)





 Slay Pirates(Repeatable)






Level 20 to Level 80 Profession Quests





 Building AthensI

profession level 20

 åŽ»Go to the suburbs of Athens to collect Level 1 Log and use them to compound 10 Level 1 Timber

Profession Exp 200000 Money 8000

Building AthensII

profession level 20

Go to the suburbs of Athens to collect Iron Ore and use them to compound 10 Level 1 Pig Iron

Profession Exp 200000 Money 8000








Ares Warrior Alliance Prizes:Pyramid Shadow

profession level 20

Defeat a Anubis

One Level 21 green weapon(Optional), Profession Exp 500000, Reputation 1000

Merchant Guild Seeks Help




Super Beer

profession level 23

Buy 10 bottles of beer(Submit the quest after buying.)

Profession Exp 200000, Money20000

What does the Tavern demands?

complete the "Super Beer" quest

Go to Sardinia to kill 10 Bullfrog

Profession Exp 200000 MONEY20000

Missing Goods

Complete the Tavern demand

Destroy 5 Peg Leg Armed Ships at Crete

Profession Exp 300000 MONEY20000
Level 23 Green Necklace

Handcraftsmen Union's Invention




Testing Seeds

profession level 24

Go to Sardinia to collect 12 Coffee seeds.

Profession Exp 300000 MONEY30000

Testing Seeds

Complete the Testing Seeds quest

Go to suburb of Istanbul to collect 10 Mystic Fruit

Profession Exp 300000



Ares Warrior Alliance's Notice




Warrior Alliance Tests

Warrior Alliance Tests Complete

Destroy 7 Gibraltar Steel Tooth Armed Ship

Profession Exp 250000 MONEY30000


Warrior Alliance Tests Complete

Slay the Metal Tooth Ship's captain

Profession Exp 300000 MONEY30000

A member of Ares Warrior Alliance

Betrayer complete

Go to Sicily Island to kill a mutant frog.

Profession Exp 350000, Level 25 Green Union, Rocket Title


 Adventurers' Alliance




 Sharp Treasure Hunter

profession level 30

Go to hunt 7 Brown Bear at Mallorca Island.

Profession Exp 300000 MONEY40000

Treasure Hunter's Experience

Sharp Treasure Hunter Complete

Verify the Brown Bear

 Profession Exp 400000 MONEY50000

 Merchant Guild Prize:Monopoly

profession level 31

 Destroy 8 Steel Tooth Smuggling Ship at Gibraltar.

Profession Exp 500000
Level 31 Green Weapon

Darwin's Need




Unique Species

profession level 32

 Go to Mallorca Island to defeat the Grizzly Bear,the Brown Bear and the Black Bear, 10 for each.

Profession Exp 300000

Researches on Bears

Unique Species Complete

Go to Mallorca Island to kill a Frenzied Bear.

Profession Exp 500000,Level 33 Green Chest Badge(optional)




Merchant Guild Prize: Pirates




Pirates' Buddies

profession level 34

 Go to Crete Island to defeat the Pirate Sharp Shooter, the Pirate Swordsman and the Pirate Saberer, 15 for each.

Profession Exp 500000, 1 Cracked Jade, 1 Cracked Wonder Stone, 1 Cracked Gem, 1 Cracked Magic Stone

Catch the Lord First

Pirates' Buddies Complete

Go to Crete to kill 2 Pirate Kings

Profession Exp 700000, MONEY 1000000W






Villagers' Panic

profession level 35

Go to Santa Maria Island to kill a King Sea Serpent

Profession Exp 500000
Level 35 Green Union

Handicraftsmen Union: Auction




Bidding for the Level 4 Timber

profession level 36

Go to collect  Level 1 Timber, Level 2 Timber and Level 3 Timber, 10 for each.

Profession Exp 400000

Bidding for the Level 4 Metal

profession level 36

Go to collect Pig Iron, Pure Iron and Bronze, 10 for each.

Profession Exp 400000

Bidding for the Level 4 Cloth

profession level 36

 Go to collect Level 1 Cloth, Level 2 Cloth and Level 3 Cloth, 10 for each.

Profession Exp 400000







Adventurers Alliance need: fine lizard scale




Good Lizard Boots

profession level 40

Go to Mallorca Caves to kill the Lizard, Cave Lizard and Poisonous Lizard, 15 for each.

Profession Exp 600000, MONEY50W

 Rare Species

Good Lizard Boots Complete

Go to Mallorca Island to kill 1 Dragon Lizard

Profession Exp 800000, Level 41 Green Weapon

Merchant Guild II




 Popular Goods

profession level 41

Go to Hamburg Exchange's boss to buy 20 boxes of salt.

 Profession Exp 500000,
Eloquence 100000

Carnival's Preparation I

Popular Goods Complete

Go to Venice Exchange's boss to buy 20 boxes of pork.

 Profession Exp 600000,
Eloquence 100000

Carnival's Preparation II

Carnival Preparation I Complete

Go to Algiers Exchange's boss to buy 5 Oil Painting

 Profession Exp 500000, Eloquence 100000, Level 43 Green Necklace

Missing Terra Treasures: Treasure Map




Collect 6 Metal Board Treasure Map Pieces

profession level 42

If you can collect 6 Old scroll Treasure Map Pieces I will pay you 500,000 Silver Coins for them.

 Profession Exp 250000

Collect 6 Old Scroll Treasure Map Pieces

profession level 42

If you can collect 6 Slate Treasure Map Pieces I will pay you 500,000 Silver Coins for them.

 Profession Exp 250000

Collect 6 Slate Treasure Map Pieces

profession level 42

If you can collect 6 Parchment Treasure Map Pieces I will pay you 500,000 Silver Coins for them.

 Profession Exp 250000

Collect 6 Parchment Treasure Map Pieces

profession level 42

If you can collect 6 Parchment Treasure Map Pieces I will pay you 500,000 Silver Coins for them.

 Profession Exp 250000

 Missing Terra Treasure  Discovery

profession level 43

Compound a Level 2 Terra Treasure Map

 Profession Exp 1000000, Level 43 Ring

Crete Labyrinth(Team Quest)







 Virus Test(Team Quest):






 Guardian without a heart(Team Quest):












Zeus' Avatar

profession level 48

 Go to kill a Minotaur at 3rd Floor of the Double-Axe Labyrinth

 Profession Exp 800000, Level 45 Green Union

Ares Warrior Alliance Prizes:Crisis Back

profession level 50

Ares Warrior Alliance Prizes:Crisis Back

 Profession Exp 1000000
Level 50 Green Weapon






Gibraltar Pirates' Announcement

profession level 52

Destroy a Gibraltar Pirate Flagship

Profession Exp 700000,3 Basic Stones

Missing Open Sea Treasure: Treasure Map




Gathering the pieces of Open-sea Treasure Map

profession level 54

Collect 10 Open-sea Treasure Map

 Profession Exp 800000, Level 53 Green Necklace (optional)

Compounding the Open-sea Treasure Map

 Gathering the pieces of Open-sea Treasure Map

Compound a Level 1 Open-sea Treasure Map

 Profession Exp 1000000, 1 Amethyst Stone




Empire Force's Appeal: Medicine

profession level 57

Convey 80 Western Medical Liquor from Reykjavik Exchange's boss to Seville.

 Profession Exp 1000000, Level 55 Purple Union

Warriors' Confrontation

profession level 58

 Go find William Dampier from Malacca to Semarang and defeat him. Remember you must kill him when fighting on deck.

 Profession Exp 1200000, Level 55 Green Hat




Super Bounty Hunting

profession level 60

Go to EdoShogun's Residence to kill a Shogun

 Profession Exp 1500000
MONEY2000000, Level 61 Purple Weapon

Industrial Revolution




 Captain's Test

profession level 61

Go to the North Sea Battlefield to Destroy a North Sea Pirate Flagship

 Profession Exp 1500000, MONEY1000000, 50 Level 6 Timber, 50Green Silver

Enhance the Ship

profession level 61

Go to the Shipyard Boss's to enhance your ship to Level 6, which will highly increase its comprehensive ability.

 Profession Exp 500000
100 Lightning Buckshot Cannon



profession level 63

 Destroy 10 Tiger Armed Ship(There are Tiger Rank Armed Ships on the Aden Bay Battlefield.)

 Profession Exp 1500000, Level 63 Purple Necklace

Rewards from Adventurers Alliance: Elf-tighter

profession level 64

Kill Elf-tighter*3 at Ulleung Suburb

Profession Exp 5000000, Level 65 Purple Union

Rewards from Ares Alliance: Cut Throat

profession level 65

Damage 1 Ryukyu Islands Pirate Flagship in Ryukyu Battlefield

 Blaze Stone(Super), Windstorm Stone(Super), Huge Power Stone(Super)

Prize Hunter's experience: Favourable weather

profession level 66

Damage 3 Tiger Smuggling Ships near the Corsica Island.

 Profession Exp 4000000

Prize Hunter's experience: Favourable geographical position

profession level 67

 Buy Beef*8 from the Boss in London Exchange, Amber*8 from the Boss in Oslo Exchange, Bear's Gallbladder*8 from the Boss in Hamburg Exchange and Western Medical Liquor*8 from the Boss in Reykjavik Exchange.

 Profession Exp 2500000, 2 Holy Spirit Stones

Prize Hunter's experience: Human unity

profession level 68

Buy 30 boxes of Gold from the Boss in Cape Town Exchange to Seville. (Player should be at Seville to submit it.)

Profession Exp 3000000, 2 Basic Stones

 Warriors' Confrontation

profession level 69

Go find Francis Drake on the road from Bordeaux to Lisbon and defeat him. Remember you must kill him when fighting on deck.

 Profession Exp 3500000, Reputation 5000, Eloquence 1000000

Motivational Quest

profession level 70

Kill 1 Caveman Chieftain in Madagascar cave.

 Profession Exp 4000000
MONEY 1500000, Level 63 Purple Ring (optional)

Practical Quest

profession level 71

Damage one Cape of Good Hope Pirate Flagship in Cape of Good Hope Battlefield

 Profession Exp 3000000, Level 71 Purple Weapon





 Super Bounty Hunting

profession level 74

  Go to the Emperor Mausoleum in the Beijing Suburbs to defeat 3 Guardian Beasts

Flawless Diamond (Super), Profession Exp 4000000

Super Fighting Quests

profession level 75

 Go to Black Sea Battlefield to Destroy 1 Crete Pirate Flagship

 Profession Exp 2000000, MONEY 300000
(Can be done once an hour.)

Favorable Weather

profession level 76

Go to Corsica Island to Destroy 5 Skeleton Smuggling Ship

 Profession Exp 4000000, Level 73 Purple Amulet

Geographical Advantage

profession level 77

 Go to buy 10 Snake Gall from the Dakar Exchange's boss, 10 Scorpion Venom of apples from the Accra Exchange's boss, 10 Granulated Sugar from Luanda Exchange's boss and 10 Gold from Cape Town Exchange's boss.

 Profession Exp 5000000

Support of People

profession level 78

Bring 80 boxes of Chinese Medical Liquor from Zhigu Exchange to Seville Exchange. (Player should be at the Seville then submit it.)

 Profession Exp 3000000, 3 Basic Stones

The last round

profession level 80

Kill Hilton Lace on the deck.

Profession Exp 6000000, Level 81 Purple Weapon