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Voyage Century: Mayan Instance Strategy

Mar 17, 2009

The Mayan Instance is probably the most difficult one of the 6 newly released instances, but the rewards are tempting. However, so far, few players have dared to brave the mysterious land of the Mayans. In order to get more players in there and obtain this valuable loot, Voyage Century is going to talk about the best strategies to use along the way.

First, you need to go to the Rain Forest Relic of Salinas and find the Mayan male villager, and then hand him 35 million silver coins. This buys you the entry ticket to the Mayan Instance. The ticket is actually a flashing stone. With the stone, you will be able to enter the 1st floor of the Mayan instance. 

Deep Forest-First Floor 
You can accept 3 quests from the 3 Mayan villagers. The 1st quest is to kill the Mage Image on the 1st floor. The 2nd quest is to kill the Mayan Clan Leader on the 2nd floor. The last one is to kill the Mayan King on the 3rd floor. The Mage Image is not the only the boss on the 1st floor, but it is the key to the 2nd floor. The gate to the 2nd floor will be activated after Mage Image is killed. You are advised to use the Trampling skill and group skills when fighting the boss, and some of your teammates should be equipped with Freezing Helmets. Use the helmet to recover when your HP decreases by half. In addition, your team must have an armed businessman.   

Lost World-Second Floor
There are 4 bosses on this floor. They are the Mayan Judge, Mayan Elder, Mayan Mage Leader, and Mayan Clan Leader. The Mayan Elder is similar to the Mayan Mage Leader, because they both have toxic attacks and coma skills. The big boss, the Mayan Clan Leader, has a high attack and a good chance of landing a critical strike. Also, he has various troublesome skills such as Cripple, Shock, and group skills similar to the Mage Images’. Freezing helmets are highly recommended. 

Grave City-The Last Floor
As the last floor of the Mayan instance, Grave city has the most terrifying monsters, such as the fearsome Mayan Robber, Mayan Killer, and the Sun Guard. They all feature high attack power and a high chance of landing a critical strike. The final boss, the Mayan King, is a master of almost all the most troublesome skills, so be well prepared before challenging him. However, the blueprints for top gear that the Mayan King carries make the challenge worth every terrifying minute.