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Gifts for That Special Someone

Feb 10, 2009

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Voyage Century has prepared some useful, though not very romantic, gifts for players.
If players buy items in one transaction worth more than 200 Mall points for a friend, they will obtain the special Mall item Large High Level First-Aid Kit. In addition, we will choose one lucky consumer and their friend to each win a Welkin Finger Ring.

Event Duration
12:01am February 11th to 12:59pm February 17th

Event Rewards


1. The Large High Level First-Aid Kits will be charged into players accounts on February 19th. 
2. The players who win the Welkin Finger Rings should contact our GM via Live Support to claim them.
3. Each player is only eligible to win one prize (not including Welkin Finger Ring).

(Edited at 1:54am Feb.11th EST)