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Lucky Turtle Shell

Feb 3, 2009

As Chinese New Year comes, we will be holding the Lucky Turtle Shell event where you will get the chance to win your very own good luck prizes. 

Event Duration: February 3rd to February 9th 

Event NPC: Fortune-Telling Taoist (Seville Port)

Event Content:
During the event, you should talk to the Fortune-Telling Taoist at Seville Port and choose “I want to know when I will be married”. This quest is repeatable.
He can teach you a formation called the treasure-gathering formation, but he needs you to collect 1 Blazing flame Crystal, 1 High Wind Spell, 5 pieces of gold (The gold refers to the goods, not the material.) and a turtle shell to be medium. If the formation is successfully set, you will make a fortune by opening the refined turtle shell. 

Holy Water, Thalassocrat, Oceanic Fairy, Certificate of Commander-in-chief, Certificate of Overlord, Score Cards, various advanced refining items, various flawless Gems, or 30 million silver coins, and so on. 
In addition, you will have a chance to obtain a Favonian Robe voucher or a Redeeming Voucher of Well-content Hat. You can exchange 80 Redeeming Vouchers of Well-content Hat for a Favonian Hat.

1. When you talk to the Fortune-Telling Taoist, you will see 3 options. The first 2 options are still being tested, so please don’t select them. Otherwise, we won’t bear any responsibility if you suffer any losses.
2. During the event, our GM will set up a stall to sell a limited number of Blazingflame Crystals and High Wind Spells. She will sell only 16 of each kind each hour. 
3. 100 Redeeming Vouchers of Well-content Hat can be exchanged for a Thalassocrat or an Oceanic Fairy. 80 can be exchanged for a Favonian Hat. 60 can be exchanged for an attribute transfer item. 40 can be exchanged for a bottle of holy water.
4. We have paused the service to disassemble gear.