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Autumn Fishing Festival

Oct 24, 2008

Do you spend all your time wandering around the dank, dark Mine Caves and horrible Hurricane Island? Why not set sail and enjoy the beautiful ocean? With softly rolling waves and a crisp wind at your back, life could not be more pleasant. We will be holding a “Autumn Fishing Festival” event to offer all players the chance to get out on the sea and relax from constant leveling and combat.


Event Duration: October 25th until October 31st


Event Content:

During the event, players can use a fishing rod with fishing bait to fish on the open sea. After the event ends, we will present the top ten winning players who possess the most fishing points from each server with abundant rewards.


There are kinds of rare fish such as the Deep-sea Sword Fish, Deep-sea Tuna, Deep-sea Salmon, Deep-sea Eel and others. If players are not satisfied with these, there are still fierce Great White Sharks.


Players can obtain different fishing points for different kinds of fish they catch, such as Anchovies, Sturgeon, Sardines, Cod and Herring.


1. Only the fish players obtain during the event can be counted for the fishing points ranking. Players can click the following icon to inquire about their fishing points and place on the rankings. Each server has a fishing points ranking board.


2. During the event, the PVP function on the open sea will be closed. Players will be unable to PK there. It will definitely be a good time for fishing.


3. Different kinds of fish are scattered everywhere in the whole sea and they keep moving around all the time. While fishing, players should be careful. If the fish moves out of your fishing scope, you will be unable to obtain any fish and you need to chase them down again.


Event Rewards:

The 1st place player will get the title “2008 Autumn Fishing Festival Champion” and obtain 30 Quality Refining Item Sets. Each Quality Refining Item Set includes a Quality Raw Steel Material, a Quality Steel Plate, a Quality Handle and a Quality Steel Thread.


The 2nd place player will get the title “2008 Autumn Fishing Festival-2nd Place” and obtain 20 Quality Refining Item Sets.


The 3rd place players will get the title “2008 Autumn Fishing Festival-3rd Place” and obtain 10 Quality Refining Item Sets.


The 4th - 10th place players will get the title “Fishing Expert”.


All winning players will obtain a bottle of Holy Water.