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New Server, New Players, New Gifts

Sep 18, 2008

The new Marco Polo server has been released September 18th. To welcome all the new players joining this new family, we are giving them some really nice gifts.


We are giving out 1.5x Exp when killing monsters for a whole month in the new server(from September 18th to October 18th). After creating your characters, you can visit the newbie rewards page to obtain a newbie pack that contains 5 * Phase 3 skill manuals, 30 * 1-hour Exp books and 1 of 10 Clothes Charms with attributes (you can choose the one you like). 


Click here to get the newbie pack http://vc.igg.com/newbie/index.php


The 5 Phase 3 skill manuals: Phase 3 Navigate Skill Manual, Phase 3 SeaBattle Skill Manual, Phase 3 Barehand Skill Manual, Phase 3 Eloquence Skill Manual, and a random manual for land battle.


Clothes Charms:

Admiral of the Navy Charm Captain Charm   

Great Adventurer CharmGreat Vendor Charm

Great Pirate Charm         Craftsman Charm      

Undead Pirate Charm    Dragon Rider Charm 

Barbarian Hunter Charm Future Fighter Charm

(The clothes charms only last for 168 hours)


Event Rules:

1. This event is only for players in the new server.

2. After creating your characters, you can visit http://vc.igg.com/newbie/index.php to choose your favorite Clothes Charm.

3. Players with 1 account can only redeem 1 newbie bag.

4. If you have any problems, contact Live Support at http://livechat.igg.com/livesupport.php?gid=5


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