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Colony Age Patch Download

Jun 24, 2008

We will update the current version to 0.42(Colony Age) on June 24th (EDT). After the update, some functions of the in-game Item Mall will not be available, however the Web Item Mall will be unaffected. Sorry for the inconvenience.


This update patch is big, please click one of the links below to update game client manually.

Latest Patch Download         Common Patch Download

[US] 0.40-0.42 patch download 1        [US] 0.30-0.42 patch download 1

[US] 0.40-0.42 patch download 2        [US] 0.30-0.42 patch download 2

[US] 0.40-0.42 patch download 3        [US] 0.30-0.42 patch download 3

[US] 0.40-0.42 patch download 4        [US] 0.30-0.42 patch download 4

[CN] 0.40-0.42 patch download 5        [CN] 0.30-0.42 patch download 5

[CN] 0.40-0.42 patch download 6        [CN] 0.30-0.42 patch download 6

Here are the changes:

1.Hurricane Island Instance

2.Purified and Refined Equipment

3.Auto track

4.E-Book's Functions



7.Stalls and Items Inquiry

8.VCO Equipment Seeing

9.VCO Chat Function

10.New Bosses Coming Soon

11.Treasure Hunting on Open Seas

12.Auto Planting Introduction

At players’ request, the Equipment Seeing system will be fixed in the next update.

Colony Age Guide:

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