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The maiden Voyage...

Nov 30, -0001
This hear maiden voyage took me and PirateMonsta from Alexandria to Athens, to Italy, Barcelona all the way to London-so far. One day whilst makeing a living mining and chopping wood we decided that we werent going to do this for the rest of our lives so we decided that we would sail the High Seas looking for adventure. And we did just that. To supply our maiden voyage we found "Drifters" $24,000 in total which managed to buy us plenty of provisions.

Along the way we found many towns such as Tripoli and Algeirs in North Africa all the way to London were we still are today stocking up on more provisions and sailors and the like.

---What im getting at here is that it is more fun to go off and explore as appose to doing quests (Not saying thats boring lol) and explore the big wide world-Then return to Athens to release your anger on the mines and rocks =D. If you want anything to be found for you or explored just ask me. In game name is Semyon and I'm currently in London. ADIOS!