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Nov 30, -0001

"Ahoy!", I cried out into the foggy banks to see if there was a echo to be heard.

Seconds turned into minutes waiting and straining to hear any thing that would resound back. Nothing in the foggy darkness sounded back other than the water churning and splashing the wooden door that I had scavenged off my vessel before it sunk down into the deep.

The moon was of no help tonight, it was the new moon and the sky was darkened by what was left over from the storm that had shattered my merchant vessel.

"Ahoy", came a voice from in front of me somewheres in the darkness.

Was it my imagination from straining too hard and hoping. Was it madness from the night of stormy sea that had drained my strenght.

"Ahoy", came another voice in the fog, and my spirits was revived as I slowy moved my arms into the cold water and paddled the make shift wooden boat into the fog...