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The Ressurection

Nov 30, -0001

Az u may knoe, im a pirate... and as every pirate, i like to plunder and travel with fear on my ship... But, one day....

It was a foggy night, az i like them. But that night was different.. i had a bad feeling about our quest... me and my crew of 50 noble(pirates) man we were about to board a powerful merchant when it happend... yes it really exists... the curse of the fear... az we were taking advantage on the merchants boat.. something strange happened... my men stopped moving.. i shouted: BOARD THAT SHIP OR ILL CUT YOURE THROATH U RATS!!!.... but nothing.. no answer.. just fear..

az i am the captain of a pirates ship, i know whats fear... but this time it was the worst thing i ever feeled...Then, suddently, in the dark sky, a whithe skeleton head appeard.. with two bones in the background forming an X(the pirates sign....) but this sign was different, the head was on fire and when i wanted to look more carefully for details, it disapeard.. then, my men started screaming like beasts and killing everyone.. not even merchants crew.. i mean.. they started killing their own friends.. but.. i noticed that they werent even humans.. they were living skeletons and started act like zombies..i will soon turn into a skeleton too.. i dont know why im turning in a skeleton later.. maybe because i had to tell this story.. az every one fear the ship, before called Albacore.. now called Dark Fear!!!!!!!!!!!!                                      

                                                                         THE END