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The Fliying Dutchman

Nov 30, -0001

From my newly rebuild lvl 3 Battleship and surprisingly powerful cannons i decided to test Grace (my ship). soo even before i i had a view of the batllefield a raiding ship comes. it lookd double the zize of our ship. told my man to try to sail away from the ship. all our attepmts where useless. "TARGET GRACE FIRE!" the rarw was so loud all my crewman could hear it. their cannons where doing great damage wounding and killing our sailors. our cannons didnt stand a chance so i made my last stand by trowing the grapling hooks. Sailors evrywhere where smaishing swords and trading bullets. while my other man fought me and 3 more sailors headed into the captain cabin. there he was... waiting for us the captain. he had a fintlock shot my mate on the head before he could even shot my other mate i shot him back and killed him. we packed great ammounts of TNT we runned for our lives i yelled "TAKE COVER FIRE IN THE HALL" i quckly cutted the ropes the Grace was free and we all watched as how that pirae ship was sinking. i gave a quiet gasp. The raider blew up we sailed away until.... a enormous ship come from under the sea. we couldnt belive our eyes. There she was with her cannons locked on dircetly into the Grace, The Flying Dutchman! while our left starboard fired the other side was lowering long boats. we wheer just a few miles away from Athens. all that cannon firing left alot of dead sailors. the rest of my man quclky hurried into the lingboats and atleats 20 more came from the cannons cabin we wheer rowing as fast as we could hoping the dutchman couldnt see us. we coudlnt do nothing but wached as Grace sunk into the deep dark depths of the sea.