Although there are various different types of clothes such as land battle clothes, sea battle clothes, logistic clothes, profession clothes, and clothes charms for players to choose from, players still have trouble carrying about several sets of clothes due to limited space.      

Who can be bothered to go all the way back to warehouse whenever they need to change clothes? With the release of the 1 key wardrobe function, players only need to click a single key to change clothes.


Function Introduction:

Players can prepare several sets they may wish to wear. After that, they simply need to hold down ALT+ a number to change the whole set that they are wearing.     



1.      Click A Key Wardrobe in the character interface or hold onto Alt+C to set the clothes you wear. 


2.      A Key Wardrobe

3.      Draw the gear you might want to wear into the corresponding positions.

4.   Players can edit 3 sets in advance. (If you want to set more, you will need a parameter to do so) 

5.      Click “Change a Set” to wear another outfit

Players can use shortcut keys to change clothes easily.

The first set: Alt+1

The second set: Alt+2

The third set: Alt+3


1.        All of the gear that you may want to change into should be included in the contents your backpack. The 1 key wardrobe function will not be available if the gear you want to wear is in your cabin.   

2.        The same items can be used repeatedly in the 1 key wardrobe.

3.        The 1 key wardrobe function is not available during battles.