Lords Mobile

Event Rules

Event Rules:
1. Event time: 2019.12.13 - 2020.12.31 GMT-5
2. Only Votage Century accounts registered before 2018.02.13 00:00 (before the event begins) are eligible for this event;
3. Each Votage Century account can only claim a Code once;
4. Codes are only effective if used within 12 hours of Lords Mobile account registration;
5. Each Lords Mobile account can only use one Code;
6. The Votage Century and Lords Mobile teams reserve the right to the final interpretation of the rules of this event.

Note: The Exclusive Lords Mobile Newbie Gifts for Votage Century players (worth 100 USD) includes the following items:

Speed Up (10 m)*20
Speed Up Research(10 m)*20
Speed Up Training (10 m)*20
Build Boost (10%)*1
Research Boost (10%)*1
Training Boost (10%)*1
Gather Boost (100%)(Last for 24h)*1
25% Player EXP Boost(Last for 24h)*1
Quest Scroll (Admin)*5
Quest Scroll (Guild)*5
100 VIP Points*2
Shield (8 h)*3
Gryphon Chest*20
Noceros Chest*20
[Rare]Material Chest*20
[Common] Hero Chest*50