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Character Transfer Rules of Voyage Century

Server Type


Type A: Columbus, Magellan&Marco Polo, Da Gama&James Cook and Zheng He

Character Transfer Rules of Different Types of Servers


Character Transfer Rules of Type A Servers:
A character in a type A server can be transferred to another type A server.

Character Transfer Rules:


1. Make sure that ammount of char in the target server will not exceed 4 after immigration.


2.The data that should be deleted will be deleted automatically if you didn't delete them by yourself before the character transfer.


3. You should prepare 2 backup character names in case there are duplicates. If there are duplicated names, we will use the first available backup name.


4. Please note that only English Letter and Number is acceptable in the Backup Name.


5. Once the character transfer succeeds,the data regarding former social intercourse and the items you purchased but not yet withdrew will all be deleted.


6. After the character transfer, you will automatically quit your former guild and fleet.


7. Your friends list will be wiped out after the immigration.


8. Immigration will probably be held during the maintenance.


9. After migration any item mall items purchased prior to the move will be lost, unless they are picked up from you warehouse 'prize taking' and stored before the move.


10. When the character transfer succeeds, all temporary effects, including beneficial and harmful effects are cancelled.


11. Please make sure the immigration info you offer is correct and submit it 3 hours ahead of immigration, otherwise you can't immigrate. And We will deduct 30% of your total immigration fees as punishment fees.

  12. To help friends to immigrate, please make sure your friend confirms and completes the info required before immigration.
  13. Character names containing invalid codes and identical names will have to be renamed after the server transfer.
  14. During the transfer, if backup names (optional character names players supplied) can’t be used, a random number will be attached to the name to distinguish it.



If you want to transfer a character, you need to pay 1200 credits.


If you want to change character name, you need to pay 500 credits.


If the character transfer fails due to technical problems or a breach of the character transfer rules, the credits you paid will be refunded within 5 working days. (Character transfer may be delayed due to server maintenance or client updates, etc.)



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