Material Manufacture

Name of Article Skill Requirement Raw Material requirement
pig iron Mining Skill level 1 3 blocks of Impure Mineral
pure iron Mining Skill level 11 3 blocks of Pure Mineral
bronze Mining Skill level 21 3 blocks of Impure Copper Ore
golden copper Mining Skill level 31 3 blocks of Gold Copper Ore
red copper Mining Skill level 41 3 blocks of Red Copper Ore
green sliver Mining Skill level 51 3 blocks of Impure sliver Ore
pure sliver Mining Skill level 61 3 blocks of Sliver Ore
gold Mining Skill level 71 3 blocks of Gold Ore
Purple Gold Mining Skill level 81 3 blocks of Purple Gold Ore
Black Gold Mining Skill level 91 3 blocks of Black Gold Ore
Level-1 Timber Timber-Felling level 1 3 pieces of Level-1 log
Level-2 Timber Timber-Felling level 21 3 pieces of Level-2 log
Level-3 Timber Timber-Felling level 31 3 pieces of Level-3 log
Level-4 Timber Timber-Felling level 41 3 pieces of Level-4 log
Level-5 Timber Timber-Felling level 51 3 pieces of Level-5 log
Level-6 Timber Timber-Felling level 61 3 pieces of Level-6 log
Level-7 Timber Timber-Felling level 71 3 pieces of Level-7 log
Level-8 Timber Timber-Felling level 81 3 pieces of Level-8 log
Level-9 Timber Timber-Felling level 91 3 pieces of Level-9 log
Level-10 Timber Timber-Felling level 101 3 pieces of Level-10 log
Level-1 Cloth Sewing Skill level 1 5 Linens
Level-2 Cloth Sewing Skill level 21 5 Rabbit hairs
Level-3 Cloth Sewing Skill level 31 5 Jutes
Level-4 Cloth Sewing Skill level 41 5 Wool
Level-5 Cloth Sewing Skill level 51 5 Sisal
Level-6 Cloth Sewing Skill level 61 5 Fine Wool
Level-7 Cloth Sewing Skill level 71 5 Cotton
Level-8 Cloth Sewing Skill level 81 5 Spun Gold
Level-9 Cloth Sewing Skill level 91 5 Kendyr
Level-10 Cloth Sewing Skill level 101 5 Ramie