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Collecting, planting, and production are main contents of the production system. Because any materials in the game must be produced by raw materials, and then assemble the materials into articles and equipment. However, the raw material can only be acquired by Collecting and planting. So players can’t miss any of the three steps.

The methods of Collecting are divided into logging, mining, capturing. Each method correspond s with a specific skill. If a player wants to Collect resources, the first thing he should do is to learn the corresponding skills. The higher the skill is, the better the raw materials Collected are. The rural area of the city, offing and the islands are places to Collect resources.

After the players have learnt the skills, they have to choose the right tools. Axes are used for logging, pickaxes are used for mining, fishing nets are used for capturing. Despite the fishing net, which is sold by the boss of shipyard, all the other tools can be brought from the blacksmith.

You can also buy clothes from tailors which are suitable for work to increase the ability of the character, such as bearing of weight.

When everything is ready, players can go to a specific area designed for Collecting resources and get the resources you want by left clicking the mouse.