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1. Planting requirement

   1.1 You have to have the relative skills and tools(hoe). Go to the skill tutor to learn the skill of planting and to the          blacksmith to buy hoe.
   1.2 Only if you have the seeds and go to a special area can you carry out your planting activity. The planting area is          usually located in the rural area.

2. Gathering seeds

   2.1 Wild plants will appear automatically in the rural area of the city with no fixed time and place.
   2.2 After you have found the wild plants, move the mouse on them, then the mouse will become a sign of hand, left          click mouse, you can pick up the seeds and crops.
   2.3 You can also have seeds when the harvest comes. This will enable you to plant repeatedly.

3. The usage of tools

   3.1 The durability of the hoe will decrease during it’s usage, and it can’t be fixed.When the durability of the hoe          drops to 1, it can’t be used again, you have to go to the blacksmith to buy a new one.
   3.2 Hoes of middle or high level will have higher durability and can be used for a much longer time. What’s more          it’ll increase the axe skill experience if the players fight with hoes.

4. The method of planting

   4.1 When all of the things are ready, players can go to the planting area and begin to plant. Put the tools and the          seeds into the item box, right click the seed, then the seeds are planted.
   4.2 You can harvest your crops in real time twenty minutes later. It will leave some time as a protection for the          players to harvest their crops. The crops will be harvested by the other players if a player hasn’t harvested his          crops within the time.

5. Example of planting

   5.1 When the players are qualified for planting, they can go the rural area of Athens to gather flax seeds. Then,          open the map, which will show a fixed planting area, move the character to the area, open the item box, right          click the flax seeds, then the character will begin to plant the seeds and make the planting movement.
   5.2 The planting activity will consume stamina, when the stamina runs out, you can’t carry out the plantation. The          harvest of the flax will begin 20 minutes later. You can harvest the crops by left clicking the mouse.