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1. Qualification of fishing
Find the skill tutor and learn the fishing skill. Players can also get a fishing net of low quality by doing so. Equipping the fishing net on the boat, then you can begin fishing.

2. How to fish

2.1 When the players get everything ready for fishing, he can go to the sea. Press the ALT button to check the location of the shoal. Move the boat to the shoal, left click the boat, then it will begin fishing.
2.2 Fishing will consume stamina. When the players’ boat move or when they run out of stamina, the fishing activity will finish.

3. The usage of fishing net
3.1 The durability of the hoe will decrease during its usage, and can’t be fixed. When the durability of the fishing net reaches 1, it can’t be used again, and you have to go to the blacksmith to buy a new one.
3.2 Fishing nets of middle or high level will have higher durability and can be used for a much longer time.

4. Note The amount of sea food won’t increase when the boat is over weighted. You can sell the sea food to the market. And if you acquire precious sells, you can send it to the NPC for appraisal to increase your reputation