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1. How to set a booth When you want to sell or purchase articles, you can use the booth setting function, which can do this automatically. First, click the booth setting button. And then enter the booth-setting window.

2. Sales

2.1 Click the article in the column of your own character and ship.

2.2 Fill in the price and quantity of article for sale.

2.3 May input the advertisement words for article for sale in cry message.

2.4 Click Start Booth Setting, and then into the booth setting.

3. Purchases

3.1 Click directly the empty column of sales receiving, and then input the name of purchased article.

3.2 Click the checking key to confirm the information of the purchased articles.

3.3 After inputting the price and amount of purchased articles, click “yes”.

3.4 May input the advertisement words for purchased articles in selling cry message.

3.5 Click Start Vending, and then into the booth setting.

4. Booth transformations There are more than 20 booth models in Voyage Century. And if you want to transform weapon sales booth, clothes sales booth, medicine sales booth, lumber sales booth, typical booth and so on, you need to go to the boss in the trade place for transformation.

4.1 Transforming weapon sales booth needs forging skill.

4.2 Transforming clothes sales booth needs to sewing skill.

4.3 Transforming medicines sales booth needs alchemy skill.

4.4 Transforming lumber sales booth to needs ship-building skill.