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Upgrade Figurehead

Upgrade Figuehead

1. Figurehead Introduction:

   1.1 Figurehead will enhance the ship attribute largely. There are three types of figurehead, Water series, Fire series and Wind series Water serial figureheads give priority to the Durability and Load of the ship, Fire serial figureheads give priority to Cannon Amount, Wind serial figureheads give priority to Speed and Sailor Amount.
   1.2 The experience gained from voyage, trade adventure and sea battle will increase your figurehead experience.

2. Upgrade Figurehead:

   2.1 When your figurehead experiences are full, you can ask the Shipyard Boss to upgrade your figurehead. It will cost you some metal, timber and silver to do so. It is possible that you may fail in upgrading the figurehead. When failure degree exceeds the upper limit, the figurehead is not suitable to be upgraded anymore, or it will be broken.
   2.2 Players can produce figurehead by themselves or gain it by defeating the enemy ship.