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Trading System

Trading System

1. Brief introduction to trading system No matter form the point of world or form the point of 5000 history of China, sea treading plays an important role. So, systemizing the trading in the game is to let the player experience different culture and the fun that sea trading bring to them.

2. How to trade

2.1 There is a bourse in each city in the game. Players can sell and buy articles by talking with the owner of the bourse and choose the trade button.

2.2 After you have bought something from one bourse. You can go to another city to sell them. Then, the trading process is finished, and you can gain some money.

3. Tips on trading

3.1 In the game, the further your destination is, and the city nearby doesn’t produce the product you are going to sell, the more money you can earn.

3.2 The revenue doesn’t always the same. Each city has a certain demand for certain goods, if the supply of the article goes beyond the demand, the price of the goods will decrease. On the contrary, the price will increase.

3.3 Sometimes certain kinds of article will be popular in some cities. During this period, the price of the article will increase, and will not be influenced by the supply and demand. The prevailing period of certain articles can be checked through talking with the owner of the bourse.

3.4 Furthermore, the Amity Degree in certain cities will decided the trading tax.

4. About eloquence

4.1 The revenue you gain from trade is directly proportional to the eloquence experience of the character. Only if you do business between bourses in different cities can you get revenue and skill experience. And the formation experience of the ship will increase too. It will not increase your experience if you sell articles that are got from other people or that you pick up at the sea.

4.2 The special skill of eloquence will decide the kind of articles you can buy. Only when the purchasing skill reaches certain level can you buy certain goods.