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Lesson 10 : Chatting System

Lesson 10 : Chatting System

Make new friends in Voyage Century.

1. Chat log: In addition to chat messages from players and the system.

2. Chat bottoms:

Click to view the previous messages.

Click to view latter messages.

Hold to scroll through the messages.

Click to jump back to the latest message.

Click to stop the scrolling, click again to cancel.

Click to clear the screen.

Click to shield the message.

Message format: [mode] player: content

Different mode messages are in different colors. Illegal words in message will be instead of “*”. Click the players’ name in the message box to select him/her as current private chatter and the chat channel will be changed into private channel automatically. Hold the left button of the mouse so that you can drag up and down to adjust the size of the message box.

3. Chat modes

There are many chat modes

   3.1 Normal chat:
          Message Sending Shortcut:/P
          Broadcast your chat to all players in your vicinity.
   3.2 Public chat
          Message Sending Shortcut:/G
          Broadcast your chat to all players in the whole server. Every public chat message consumes certain stamina,           and it is based on certain rank of the nobility.
   3.3 City chat
          Message Sending Shortcut:/C
          Broadcast your chat to all players in your city, including urban area, environs, Dock, and offing.
   3.4 Guide chat
          Message Sending Shortcut:/H
          Broadcast a message to all people in your guild.
    3.5 Private
           Message Sending Shortcut:/S
           Send a private message to specified player.

           Current whisper object is displayed on the Whisper Object Column, click the button on the left of the Column             to open the whisper list and record your buddies. Click on the names in the list to select the player as a            whisper object.

           Except for your buddies, the list will also record the names which you selected by left clicking the mouse and            â€œshift” button, input on the Object Column or selected on the chat log. The list will record 20 strangers’ names.            When the amount is beyond 20, new name will replace the earliest name. All the record will be deleted when            you quit the game.

    3.6 Party chat
          Message Sending Shortcut:/D
          To chats with members of your party. You could not use the function when you are not in the party.

   3.7 Meet GM
         Meet GM and solve the problem in the game.

   3.8 Guild announcement
         Broadcast the announcement to all members in your guild. The broadcaster should be the leader or the vice          leader of the guild.

   3.9 Department chat
         Broadcast the message to all members in your department of the guild.

   3.10 Department announcement
         Broadcast the announcement to all members in the department. The broadcaster should be the principal of          the department in a guild.


There are different types of chat channels: Public Channel, City Channel, Guild Channel, Private Channel, GM Channel, Party Channel (system message will be display on all channels)

There are different chat modes in different chat channels

Public Channel: Normal chat, city chat, private chat, guild chat, party chat

Public Channel: Public chat

City channel: city chat

Guild channel: guild chat, guild announcement, department chat, and department announcement.

Party channel: party chat

Private channel: private chat

Chat Entry Frame: You can input 64 characters in the Frame at most. When beyond 64 characters, you are not able to input more words. Current message sending mode displays in front of the Frame.